All the kids in the country had their last day of school before Pesach last Thursday. So now, everyone is scrambling to find things to do with their kids for an entire week before Pesach. We have our plans all set for each day of chol hamoed but we don't have so many plans for this week. There is a daycamp at a nearby school and we gave our kids (besides Yeshaya) the option of going today to try it out. They all agreed to go but this morning Zvi backed out. Rivka and Leora didn't know anyone there so they got a little nervous when they got there but ultimately stayed. Hopefully they're having a good time and will decide to continue the rest of the week.

Rivka had a slumber party on Thursday night with a bunch of girls from her class since it's almost her birthday. She told me that she's going to blog about it so I won't write anything. Zvi played his fourth game of the season and we won 17-4. We're now in sole possession of first place at 4-0 but we haven't yet played the three best teams. After Pesach, five our next six games are against those three teams and we're missing out best player for the first of those games. We got our uniforms so we look like a real team now. Go Cheetahs!

Rivka went to Saba and Savta for Shabbos. We ate Shabbos lunch at the Steiners which was great so Shira didn't have to worry about cooking too much. Then Leora watched Yeshaya so we could sleep for an hour and in exchange we walked her to Aliza Spitzer's house. Aliza was her primary translator in her old gan and is her closest friend here. Unfortunately we don't get them together enough but they were thrilled to see us and Yeshaya played with their son also. We then went to the park and that took us until bedtime. It was another nice and relaxing Shabbos.


Anonymous said...

We are missing tzvi at baseball. We have a pretty good team. From their grade we have Zacharya, Yaakov G., Mordechai K., and Yisroel L, and Avi Zaidman. The rest are first graders. Our coaches are Dove Frankel, Bruce Luchansky, and Yehoshua Landau. We only had two games so far since the first two were rainouts. According to the boys we won both games. Anyway, it is not the same w/o tzvi.

shtumpik said...

Oh man, you guys missed a great performace by Zacharya and the Marlins at wellwood. Zacharya pulled off an unassisted triple play at second base. It was awesome. He also hit two stand-up triples. It was nuts.

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