Snow, snow and more snow and then some more snow

Half the city of Baltimore wants to make aliya now. It snowed about 28 inches on Shabbos and now it's snowed a lot more today. The kids haven't had school since Friday morning and we have no clue when it's going to start again. Here are some pictures.
This is after the first part of the snowstorm on Monday morning. Since then we've had a lot more snow!

You can see the fence in the background in the picture below. That's a four feet fence. You can see about 6 inches of it. In the picture at the bottom you can see our trees falling down onto the wires of my next door neighbor. He had to go out to try to shake them off so his wires wouldn't break.

Even Shira, who grew up in Toronto, says that she never remembers seeing this much snow. The kids are going crazy being stuck in the house all day. Maybe tomorrow we'll be able to get out a little. We're all very excited to be moving to sunny Israel and not suffering through any more winters like this.

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SaraK said...

I can't wait to make aliyah myself and never have to deal with snow. Thank goodness I'm not in Baltimore this winter.