Interview cancelled

The first piece of red tape that we have to cross for the aliya is our meeting with the shaliach from the Jewish Agency. First they tried to insist that we had to go to New York for our interview but then they scheduled one in Rockville, MD for us. Apparently even after they closed down the office the shaliach still occasionally comes to Rockville. So they scheduled it for today. Shira worked a little extra on Monday so she wouldn't have to work today but then a couple nights ago we got an email from them:
Are you still planning to make aliyah in July 2010?
I am asking this since all our interviews for this day ( we have one day) are booked and we have someone that wants to make aliyah this December (2009) and needs an interview. If your aliyah date is in July 2010 I will need, unfortunately, to cancel your interview for now. I will probably reschedule for you a new interview at the end of this month or the beginning of next month since we are re-opening our office in Washington D.C and we will have a lot of interviews available.
It's not a big deal so of course we agreed to postpone ours but we just like to get these kinds of things out of the way.


Anonymous said...

i'm afraid that your aliya is going to divest you of all your anal-ity (anal-ness?) got to go with the flow in this country surronded by enemies and the sea.

Anonymous said...

I have finally sat down and read your new entries. I am enjoying reading them.

I wish you would have invited me when you were going through the toys, you know I would have shlepped all your unwanted toys so you wouldn't have had a need to throw out or give away. Then when the kids came to visit us they could have played with their own things.