Empty House

Amy promised Leora a long time ago that she could spend a Shabbos at her house. She called on Friday morning to ask if this Shabbos would work for us and Leora was thrilled. She had a great time there as the girls and Amy took her to the park a couple times and gave her lots of Coke and candy and let her stay up real late. Zvi's friend Noach invited him to go there for Shabbos and Rivka spent Friday night at the Rosenbaum's house. Zvi and the rest of us, besides Leora, joined Rivka at the Rosenbaum's house for lunch but Friday night was great. Just Shira, Yeshaya and me! Amy told me once that no matter how many kids you have, if you remove one for a day it's infinitely easier. Removing three makes life a little boring but a lot more relaxing.

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Amy said...

First of all, Leora loved being here, because she loves her aunt, uncle and cousins. The coke and the park were just added incentives.

Secondly, since we read this in this week's pirkei avot "Ha-omer davar beshem omro", I have to add that the quote you attributed to me about n-1 kids was actually Carol Katz's.